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  • I was born on May 4
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  • CrazyWords

    Welcome one and welcome all! These are the winners of the Fairytale Contest that I hosted! Let's get right into this.

    Thank you everyone for having a great time, and see you later!
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  • CrazyWords

    Note: Please read the pasta Nightingale before reading.

    First thing's first, this pasta is a nomination. This is an amazing story, not a surprise since it was done by the Lycanthrope. Well, I hope this review is as good as the story!

    Good Assets - The Q & A was a nice format for this to be done in, because in kept it more unpredictable fashion. While in most pastas, there is small hints of what is going to happen, but constricting him with questions was a good move. It kept reading exciting.

    While your twist on the tale is amazing. It was something unique, something to be excited about indeed.

    I think it was able to contain some moments where you could literally feel the emotion rising in that house.

    This was wasn't hard to visualize, which is …

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  • CrazyWords

    Hey guys, quick updates from your resident Mudkip (yep, I got a nickname). Let's get started.

    1. I had the "Retired" template because it was an in-activity notice.

    2. I was promoted to Admin on the Starpolar and Spinpasta wiki, thus taking up most of my time.

    3. Although I will no longer be holding any contests, I will be participating in them.

    4. An admin (I currently believe it's UnderScorre) is taking over the Fairytale contest. I forgot to edit this out! Anyway, the reviewing. I should have to more reviewed by tomorrow.

    5. I'm working on two pastas, one a ghost story, one a very original Disney story (it has nothing to do with ABD so it doesn't have to be a spinoff).

    So, yay! I'm back and glad to see everyone!

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  • CrazyWords

    Hey guys! CrazyWords again (you guys are getting bored of me, aren't you). I'm here with another contest, but this one is different.

    This one I'm giving you a fairy tale to darken.

    Do not simply retell the fairytale with slight alterations. Your story will need to be significantly different from the original. Get creative with it. All stories will be held to the site's quality standards. When you've completed your story, post a link to it in the comments section of this blog.

    Let's start with rules:

    1. No spinoffs and/or blacklisted subjects.

    2. Must finish in the time frame, which is one week. Time will start when I give you a subject. Time zone is central.

    3. Time will not be bent.

    4. Stories must be posted on site.

    5. If time runs out and your s…

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  • CrazyWords

    Hey guys! CrazyWords here! I've got a hankering for a competition lately, just to get my writing skills up and running again. I like when the time limit's around four days, so if there is any competitions at all, please tell me, !

    I'm CrazyWords, I love you all! Talk to me Baby! Contributions! 22:29, May 4, 2015 (UTC)CrazyWords

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