Title says it all really. It could be anything major or even just a teeny thing that creeped you out. Also, it should be noted that you don't have to believe in the "paranormal" to write about an incident that freaked you out.

As for me, well, I remember one windy night, when I was a young child, I left the curtains of my bedroom window open and my dad had just turned out my light. A few seconds later a random twig that had snapped off a tree starting floating around in circles for a few seconds right at my window and then was just blown away. Looking back in sounds a bit ridiculous but at the time it frightened the shit out of me. Other than that though, the odd creak and crack from the house startles me and when I hear my dogs bark at night it makes me a little paranoid.

I also ask that there are no spam comments and to please take this seriously. I may be powerless to stop you, but you will hurt my feelings and you will be responsible for making a Sad Cymbal. Thank you.