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Crashing Cymbal's Recommended Reading for January 2014

Okay, so for anyone who read this last month, I said I'm going to try make this a monthly thing. Comment with your own recommendations!

(NOTE: please do not comment with your own stories)

  1. The Pass: Very professionally written, and very interesting to follow. Unfortunately, it is a little anti-climatic, but if the writer wrote another story that was a little more ambitious, it could make for one very, very good story.
  2. In Between the Static: From the writer of The Black Dog and Goat, comes something a little less gory and a little more bizarre. What is mutual however, is the brilliant writing technique used with a plot that will leave you starstruck.
  3. The Comfy and Cozy Cabin: Probably the most well known in the list, this pasta combines excellent imagery with a dynamic plotline. Equally terrifying as it is well written, the last few paragraphs will leave you breathless.
  4. Dogscape: I love weird pastas, and this is a fine example of one. I also have a soft spot for apocalyptic, dystopian future pastas, and this is, indeed, a fine example of one. Not creepy in the rational sense, but it leaves your brain pretty numb once you're finished.
  5. Its Red Grin: A determined characteristic for the protagonist, this pasta is long but is one big adventure. Alternating narration, great use of language, and steadily developing plot makes this a fantastic read.
  6. Long Way Home: Written by a good friend and very respected user here. The writing style is absolutely gorgeous, and makes this twice as creepy as it already was. An absolute peach to read.
  7. Drowning: Bleeding Ceremony's clear liquid cousin, the detail used here will make you feel sick. The desperate cries from the protagonist only make it worse. It's good, and I think a lot of people will appreciate a lot more than I did.

Thank you reading this! Don't forget to post your own suggestions and why you recommend that pasta.

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