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  1. Vultures - I recently added this to the Suggested Reading. This is an amazing pasta, one of the few I've given a 10. It's so incredibly well written and beautifully narrated. It's not creepy in the literal sense, but the comparisons do really make you think, and you will shudder at the cruelty that humans can be capable of. Definitely recommended.
  2. The Legend of the Hightown Crow - Absolutely outstanding. I recommend that you take maybe 2 or 3 nights to read this, because it's very long (around 16,000 words), but do not let that put you off. The writing is absolutely fantastic, it's terrifying when it needs to be, and characterization is magnificently done. A maximalism effort which I greatly appreciate. The diligence that went into this, is a wonderful example of what people who want to write, should follow.
  3. Fred's Detector - The author of this has a small selection of short stories on this site which are really good, and this one really stand out to me. It's really good. They take an normal, everyday hobby and put a bizarre, creepy twist on it. Short, but it's very effective. Really for those who love the Weird pastas.
  4. Comfort in Numbers - I nominated this for PotM for February. Brilliantly executed, sharp writing, unsettling plot, and a peculiar protagonist. Very enjoyable.
  5. The Aldercott Woman - Another user who has a collection of short stories on this site, which are particularly good. Again, it's shorter than what I usually post here, but it's certainly very effective. Very descriptive, and a creepy plot too.
  6. Razor's Edge (WARNING: This pasta is NSFW) - Quite a shocking twist in this one. Such vibrant detail in this one, that it's told crystal clear. Description peaks at times too, but it's not overly-descriptive, so it's easy to follow. Very mysterious, and simple plot.
  7. Synergy - Written by a friend of mine on this site. Very descriptive writing, with a sort of fantasy-esque twist on war. Military pastas can be quite repetitive, but this one stands out because of its originality.

Thank you reading this! Don't forget to post your own suggestions and why you recommend that pasta.