Okay, so in this Blog I'm going to list a few pastas which I would recommend the users of this website to consider reading! Most of them are relatively unknown apart from one or two, and I ask that you comment with the pastas that you would recommend! This Blog offers a broader range of stories to the PoTM set up we currently have.

(NOTE: please do not comment with your own stories)

  1. The Black Dog and Goat - This will probably be the most well known one on the list. The writing here is absolutely fantastic, and the plot is immensely disturbing. A fine read for everyone with whatever taste they have.
  2. Roadwork - Outstanding plot development and very eerie setting. Suspense slowly builds up in this magnificently written story and explodes at the last few paragraphs.
  3. Bleeding Ceremony - Y'know how you feel when chalk screeches on a black board? This is as equally repulsing, yet beautiful. This one is mainly for you gore lovers out there. No other gore pasta has made me feel as sick or repulsed as this one has. The style of writing will make you squirm into a little cringing ball.
  4. Milkers - This one makes the list mostly for its outstanding originality. One of the most unique plots on this website, with a twisted first person narrative style of writing to match it.
  5. My Baby - This one may be a little hard to follow at times but it is a gorgeous symphony of text. Beautifully constructed with an amazing character development to match. You won't believe your misty eyes.
  6. A Strange Night in the City of Angels - Detail so well laid out that it would make Stephen King envious. The terror of war mixed with the regrets of a lifetime's squandered potential makes this very relatable. You won't turn away for a second.

Thank you reading this! Don't forget to post your own suggestions and if you can, why you posted them.