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  • I live in Ireland
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • CrashingCymbal

    In the last three weeks I've managed to submit two new stories. One of them is a Micropasta that's about 300 words long and the other is a short story that I think is just over 2,500 words. Both of them are slightly shorter than what I had expected from myself (for both of their respective categories) but to me, this is a pretty big achievement, considering that just a few months ago I was in a terrible state of mind. I had managed to convince myself that I was never going to do anything worthwhile with my life ever again, even if it was just writing a short story.

    These little victories are very important to me and I'll get to that later on. I now start to feel the ideas flow in my head, and a creative spark seems to have been re-ignited a…

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  • CrashingCymbal
    1. What's the name of the place?
    2. Where is it?
    3. Why did it creep you out?

    For me:

    1. What's the name of the place?: The Hellfire Club
    2. Where is it?: Montpelier Hill. Somewhere amid the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.
    3. Why did it creep you out?: It's the scene of much horror folklore from around the 18th/19th century. As ridiculous as they sound, these tales range from exorcisms, use of black magic, and contacting the dead. Going in I didn't think would be so bad, but the thought of these tales in my head, combined with the eerie atmosphere of the abandoned building made it overwhelmingly uncomfortable for me.
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  • CrashingCymbal

    Can be favourite horror author or any genre, really. My all time favourite is Stephen King, and my favourite book by him is The Shining.

    As for someone more modern/active, I really enjoy Gillian Flynn's books. She wrote Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and her most recent, and most famous novel, Gone Girl. She's sorta Crime/Thriller, but Sharp Objects is one of the most unsettling books you'll probably ever read.

    So yeah, who is your favourite author, and don't be shy about some additional details!

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    Comment with your own recommendations!

    (NOTE: please do not comment with your own stories)

    1. Vultures - I recently added this to the Suggested Reading. This is an amazing pasta, one of the few I've given a 10. It's so incredibly well written and beautifully narrated. It's not creepy in the literal sense, but the comparisons do really make you think, and you will shudder at the cruelty that humans can be capable of. Definitely recommended.
    2. The Legend of the Hightown Crow - Absolutely outstanding. I recommend that you take maybe 2 or 3 nights to read this, because it's very long (around 16,000 words), but do not let that put you off. The writing is absolutely fantastic, it's terrifying when it needs to be, and characterization is magnificently do…
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  • CrashingCymbal

    Face it, everyone has at least one serial killer, (or murder case or whatever) that they have a keen interest in, and have read a lot into. (E.G. Charlie Manson, the OJ Simpson Trial etc.)

    For me, it's John Wayne Gacy. I initially found the idea of a guy, who used to dress up as a clown for children's parties, as a murderer and child molester quite disturbing, but my curiosity was peaked so I did some research into case.

    I couldn't believe it, but this guy was seen as a role-model by all his friends and neighbours, and he would regularly host barbeques and parties for the local families to attend.

    Which serial killer, or what case, do you have an interest in, and why?

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