I honestly like stories that are told in a faster pace versus a plot that is slow. However, I do enjoy a good story that slowly builds up to something big. But if the writing style is too fast it becomes terrible. For example, I picked up a book one time (I couldn't tell you what the plot was) but it went like this:

"Mary and Todd sit in the diner. He orders a cup of coffee. She says she loves him and replies, "I love you too." They drove to their friend's house where everyone was smoking pot. They said, "No thank you." After two hours they went to movies. Speed 2. During the movie Mary asked Todd..."

You get my point. 

If the pacing is too fast a lot of detail is left out and it feels less like a story and more like a user's manual. The point of writing is to make the reader smell the coffee and feel the emotion of when Mary tells Todd she loves him.  Treat fast pace writing as if you want the reader to feel like they are watching a detailed movie, not snorting a line of crystal meth in the Waffle House bathroom. 

To sum it up: If you write too fast nothing is grasped.