1. Post or transmit any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct;

Let me be quite frank about my opinion about this rule. 

By no means am I for homophobia and I believe it is wrong; however, if you are writing a story that involves a homophobic character, or the character himself (gay) refers to another homosexual male as a "Faggot" then it should be kept. Because in the real world gay men say this. Do I agree with it? No, and I wish we wouldn't degrade each other in such a manner. But if I am to write a character and breathe an actual personality into them, then I would include something they would say or how they would act. If the narrator refers to himself as a Faggot or any gay slur, then, honestly, it is the right of that character. 

I could understand it if the story went like this:

"Once upon a time there was a faggot named Craneknewitt and he was a total fudgepacker and loved to hang around the dyke bars."

THAT I could agree on being absolutely offensive and really just downright homophobic. But, as I said before, if the narrator is telling a story and it is the way they speak, then it needs to not violate a rule. Describing a character as flamboyant or feminine or prissy in the voice of a character shouldn't be a reason a story gets deleted. I mean, would Gone With The Wind be the way it is had we gone back and made it politically correct? Which, by the way, I am all for political correctness, but the story takes place during a time period that was fueled by racial tension and slavery. It fits the time era and the way the characters acted and their (very bigotted) mindsets. 

As for pornography, well, here is the thing: One of my absolute favorite pastas is The Gym Teacher. Believe me when I say they should make THAT Pasta into a short film. But let me post something from that story that constitutes as "obscene" and "pornographic"...

 "He took her hips in his hands, his thick, sausage-like fingers gripping her just below the waist, and hoisted her rear up so that her ass was in the air and pointing right at the camera. He spread her buttocks and peered into her anus. In the shadows there something wiggled, he took his forefinger and dug it into her anal-cavity, pulling out a finger full of little, white, writhing maggots. As he flicked the maggots aside and inserted his finger back into her ass, digging it in with a twisting motion and then pulling out another squirming mass of maggots..."


"He watched with difficulty as Mr. Kirby fired a glob of spit onto the head of his dick and pressed the saliva dripping tip of his cock against the lips of the dead girl’s anus. He watched as Mr. Kirby tilted his head back, eyes clenched in ecstasy, his upper lip beginning to curl in that strange sneer, and thrust himself forward so that he sank deep into her, that weird snarl of his lips exposing sharp teeth.."

Wonderfully written and does a great deal at capturing pure and utter repulsion, but THIS is pornographic. I'm not saying The Gym Teacher needs to be taken down. God, it deserves a place on this site. But one cannot say something else is not up to quality standards due to pornography and allow this story to stay. 

There is even a story out there called Dirty Movie which the plot centers around a porno being filmed and goes into discussing porn actors and fucking a dog. 

And, finally, as for encouraging criminal conduct, well, say goodbye to more than half the stories on this site, because a lot of Pastas not only have characters who encourage it, but dwell in criminal activities. A lot of stories on this site are abusive, as in characters are tortured and beat, and the level of profane is evident through many. 

Hell, the letter of Albert Fish can be found on this site and not only is THAT obscene, pornographic, or profane but it isn't even an actually STORY.