Well, in my first day on the wiki I already made a bad impression and gave site admin extra work by misunderstanding the user/profile page. You see, I posted something that was supposed to be a sort of "mystique-creating sideways introduction" to me and my demons which was seen as a story and removed as such (and for not meeting quality standards which, were it actually intended as a story, I'll be the first to admit it certainly wouldn't have). I'm not going to bother appealing it because, after rereading the rules, my not-quite-introduction-but-certainly-not-quite-a-description-befitting-a-profile-page would've been more appropriate in a blog like this one. Again, not going to bother with it here when I can rewrite as an actual user description far more fitting to the user page which will hopefully not try to pretend to be a story and get itself removed again, resulting in a ban/block within my first week.

So, that said I feel I owe a thank you to Jay ten for calling me up on that one and an apology for already adding to his workload. I'll try my best not to do it again for at least seven days.

With any luck we (my demons and I) will be making offerings of good stories and additions to the wiki that actually fit the rules before you know it... unless this blog post violates a rule I missed on the reread in which case I'll see you all after my ban expires.