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May 22, 2015
  • Coyote and his demons

    After yet another mess up in (re)posting Eyes in the Dark to the writer's workshop I just need to apologize to the admins again for adding to their workload. It only occurred to me that I should have edited the original post when I went back to alter the title to "reviewed". I have now gone back and done it properly.

    I really hate being the one everyone has to babysit to make sure they follow the rules so I promise you I'll do my level best to toe the line and pick it all up as quickly as possible. Also rest assured that I shall be rereading all of the site rules a couple more times to do what I can to avoid it in the future.

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  • Coyote and his demons

    So a little while back I stuck a pasta into the writer's workshop for the perusal of those in the know there. Unfortunately I think I may have messed up again as I left a comment afterwards with notes on a couple of specifics I was looking for feedback on and, though marked as "unreviewed" I'm worried that gave people the impression it'd already been looked as because nobody's given me any pointers for it yet. Anyone who checks these things out able to let me know what the procedure is if one has done this and would still appreciate the feedback on a story they've written?

    On a side note, and in order to ensure that this really should pass as a blog post, I shall soon be posting/offering some of the darkened and twisted nursery rhymes from …

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  • Coyote and his demons

    Well, in my first day on the wiki I already made a bad impression and gave site admin extra work by misunderstanding the user/profile page. You see, I posted something that was supposed to be a sort of "mystique-creating sideways introduction" to me and my demons which was seen as a story and removed as such (and for not meeting quality standards which, were it actually intended as a story, I'll be the first to admit it certainly wouldn't have). I'm not going to bother appealing it because, after rereading the rules, my not-quite-introduction-but-certainly-not-quite-a-description-befitting-a-profile-page would've been more appropriate in a blog like this one. Again, not going to bother with it here when I can rewrite as an actual user desc…

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