Ok, damn I've been reading a lot of trash. And it's made me write trash.

Trash everywhere.

Can someone please tell me an actually SCARY Creepypasta?

Jeff the killer is just a joke Creepypasta.

BEN Drowned has a good plot but not scary at all.

Sonic.exe doesn't scare me, interesting plot though.

The Rake used to be scary but since the fangirls made him a hot model I'm not afraid of him.

Eyeless Jack ruined because shipped with Nina with the fangirls.

Slenderman I used to be scared of him.. When I was like 5.

God dammit, has anyone noticed how the popular Creepypasta's get ruined by fangirls? It's really annoying, like seriously. They made countless Creepypasta's into their boyfriends or whatever.

But the good thing is I know there's some good Creepypasta's buried over all the horrible popular ones.

But sometimes the popular ones are still scary.

Laughing Jack was ruined by fangirls, but he still appeals scary to me.

I think I read something called The Frozen Theory, that was the best theory yet.

The Seedeater, not too scary but I love it on every way.

1999 is just amazing.

Play With Me is okay I guess.. The concept is good and the plot was good.

Ok, so I don't know if there are extremely good Creepypasta's out there. Because everyone's so attracted to stories like 'Jeff The Killer' and 'Jane The Killer' when they're both not even good. Don't agree with me on some of these stories? Debate I don't care.

I bet Jeff's 'fangirls' are going to kill me.