Hey everyone, Copycat Killer here. I just read through my first pasta and thought 'Why does everything i write sound like a rip off of another creepypasta?'

I mean, that always happens. I write something completly original and when i read it it no longer does sound like it is.

I shall now question my existance but anyways hope you enjoy it? Maybe?

Adding on since i last did this blog, The story i wrote was deleted. Firstly, i actually agree, my story did end up sounding like a Jeff The Killer spin off, which i wasn't going for at all.

Everyone lets remember the storys one hour of existing. Ever.

RIP 'Every rose has its thorns' [Rest in pieces] 2017-2017

But i promise to write better, and even more original stories. But like i said before, it was never meant to become a spin off and i had not noticed that it sounded like it (Until i read my second 'paragraph' on this blog).

Anyways, i will be working on a brand new story. Which i hope will stay and be something everyone would enjoy reading.Hopefully.