I don't know what is happening to me. I'm a weird person to most people, yes, but weird things happen to me to. I tend to talk to myself almost everyday, mumbling weird things. Mainly just random things but still strange. My mum keeps telling me to stop talking to myself but i keep telling her that it just happens. That it is out of my control and always happens.

Another weird thing is in the corner of my eye i can make out people or something that looks human. But when i look closely it is just a random light pole or fire hydrent or something. I can't walk around without thinking that a for sale sign on a house is a person. It happens a lot.

I had just been put on some medication to calm me down. It doesn't seem to be working. Not at all. I ended up breaking down into tears at school and yelling at people. Then again i am autistic.

Anyways, i should probably just end this little blog so goodbye.