• I was born on January 10
  • My occupation is gaming
  • I am male
  • Cooldud36629

    So my friend and I were hanging out at his house for the day and we decided to play on the Nintendo 64, because it was one of my favorite consoles. We decided to play Mario Party 2, which had its normal box art on, which was good. Unfortunately, that was a big mistake. We completed mystery land, the only one he didn’t beat, which unlocked bowser land, the last board of the game. Before starting the board, bowser and his minion’s kidnapped toad, but something looked strange. The box art showed Mario with his eyes missing, which wasn’t there before we started playing. Not only that, but everyone looked… mutated and deformed. The music sounded distorted and in reverse as I heard little devilish laughs. Bowser Jr, bowser’s son, said-“do you ju…

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