1. I hate how you never let me choose my own clothes, how you never let me express myself.
  2. I hate when you tell me i'm allowed to go somewhere, but change your mind as i'm heading out the door.
  3. I hate how you put me to work and make me do your bidding as i'm downstairs with friends.
  4. I hate how at dinner you always ask me what I did with my day, but get mad when I don't answer right away because i'm chewing food.
  5. I hate how you make me take those pills that taste like salty pickles.
  6. I hate how you send me to the basement with no windows and shut the door, leaving me in the dark.
  7. I hate how you crept through the door at 3 am.
  8. I hate how you leaned over my bedside and stared at me with those dark green eyes.
  9. I hate how you put that pillow over my face, letting me breath nothing but my own carbon dioxide.
  10. I hate how you tucked me away under the stairs, letting everyone forget about me.

I'll wait here till your day to come... and i'll make you hate me...

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