• I live in Wonderland
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is Videogaming
  • I am A person
  • CookieBlarg
    1. I hate how you never let me choose my own clothes, how you never let me express myself.
    2. I hate when you tell me i'm allowed to go somewhere, but change your mind as i'm heading out the door.
    3. I hate how you put me to work and make me do your bidding as i'm downstairs with friends.
    4. I hate how at dinner you always ask me what I did with my day, but get mad when I don't answer right away because i'm chewing food.
    5. I hate how you make me take those pills that taste like salty pickles.
    6. I hate how you send me to the basement with no windows and shut the door, leaving me in the dark.
    7. I hate how you crept through the door at 3 am.
    8. I hate how you leaned over my bedside and stared at me with those dark green eyes.
    9. I hate how you put that pillow over my face, …
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  • CookieBlarg

    It was Christmas eve and my family and I were heading up to Montana to spend time with family.

    We were traveling 5 hours with my mother's boyfriend of the month, Joey.

    Out of all my mother's lovers I disliked him the most. He broke things and blamed it on my brothers and I, he would steal from my mother and claim it was his in the first place.

    The worst was when he would wake up everyone in the middle of the night and make us go for a car ride to a bar with the windows rolled all the way down with the weather negative 10 degrees.

    Once we would get to the bar we'd all have to sit in the car and wait for him to get done drinking. 

    On the way to my aunt's house we listened to an audio book Joey picked out at the library; it was all about sex.

    "Can …

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