Warning: frustration ahead

I guess for my first "blog" on here I'll simply say that the article listing is way too complicated. I find it very odd that on a site obviously crowded with children that they would make it required that you post a story in the overly complicated article listing. My feelings of annoyance are only strengthened by the cyber-bullying style of the site. CAPS LOCK RAGE can be found on a lot of these "official rules" pages, and if you fail to read all the rules and don't follow them despite them being unclear at times, you'll get banned longer and longer each time. I really wanted to post my newest story to the listing, but I couldn't figure out what they meant by "what looks like a chain link". I couldn't find a video on YT or anything. I asked people in the chat for help and, what else is new, was bombarded with people ignoring me for pointless conversation consisting of picture links, "hahas" and "lol"s. This is the second time that's happened, so I'm just going to give up on the chat. It doesn't surprise me though since this site literally goes out of it's way to stop prejudice against the MLP fandom (nothing but an overexposed group of attention whores pretending to like a show far more than they actually do just to be part of a trend and pretend like they have a unique interest, despite the show now being overrated), yet the site makes no mention of harassment involving things like sexual orientation.

For a site with such strict rules, it's certainly overly complicated and definitely overly strict. But hey, if you need to TYPE IN CAPS ON OFFICIAL RULES BOARDS AND TELL PEOPLE THEY'RE ILLOGICAL BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T FOLLOW YOUR 3+ PAGES OF UNCLEAR RULES RIGHT AWAY, then whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, that's why I didn't post on the article listing.