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    EDIT:turns out that sonic.exe can be mentioned in blog posts, so I've edited the blog post. Also this isn't really a rant so I'm a title hack. So I realized something interesting. Sonic.exe copy's many ideas from Ben drowned. Here's a list. 1. Strange guy gives main character game for free and acts weird. 2. Character loads up game and everything's weird. 3. Evil version of the games hero tries to kill everyone. 4. Main character goes all OOOOOOH this is spooky but dosent stop playing. 5.evil clone starts to interfere with the real world. (Ben speaks using a chat robot thing, sonic.exe appears as a doll.) 6. Bunch of warnings like don't play this it's evil etc etc.

    More proof that good writers write and the greater writers copy.

    Leave your o…

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  • Colon1

    Rant against creepypastas

    April 20, 2015 by Colon1

    So, cliches.

    Cliches are a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

    I find that nothing does this more than a lot of creepypastas.

    Here are some cliches.

    1. Having black eyes with red pupils and blood coming out.
    2. Having a possesed game cartridge or weird File on your pc.
    3. Avoiding responisbilty and buying something on eBay.
    4. Starting a sentence with "everything used to be normal."
    5. The term "hyper-realistic" (hyper realistic corpses etc)

    Heres a fun drinking game(colon1 does not endorse ones drinking of alcoholic substances) See how many of these don't apply to sonic.exe! It's the best drinking game because then you can legally drive home!

    How to avoid cliches:

    1. If you're the creater of sonic.exe, forget it. You're doomed t…
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