***SPOILERS*** If you haven't played Batman: Arkham Asylum and plan on it sometime; DON'T WATCH!  

Sometimes something gets to me I didn't think would...

Has that ever happened to you in a game?  You knwo it is supposed to be scary or creepy or whatever, but when it happens you are left kind of dumbfounded or far more creeped out then you either care to admit or really think about.  Something about the scene, characters, writing, etc.; really just sits in the back of your head as you keep going.  I love and hate moments like that.  I dwell on them a little too much honestly.  Over thinking something like this just isn't a good idea no matter what angle you are coming from.  

Batman Arkham Asylum "The Scarecrow"08:44

Batman Arkham Asylum "The Scarecrow"


On the other hand, something written extremely well can do this far more then even visuals allow somehow and the words or the thought of the last scene I read really just tugs at the back of my head and won't leave me alone.  I hate being creeped out too long by something I've written because of the fact that it lends no actual image and your mind is left with whatever you took from the writing last.  Suddenly every little noise, shadow in the corner of your eye, tapping on the window from leaves blowing passed late at night; all of it adds up and you aren't just creeped out you find yourself terrified.  Of nothing.  It's great writing and awesome (horrible?) imagination that lends to this.  

The video I linked is a video that stuck with me for some reason.  Something about this scene in Batman: Arkham Asylum just makes me uncomfortable and I can't figure out why it has had such an impact.  Sometimes a game just does that to you for no reason or for reasons maybe we can't see at first because of the creep factor.  Not sure but either way, it makes me want to get through the game that much more to show to myself that I'm capable of doing it.  (Even if I didn't do it very well.)