Who, me?

I dunno, not much to say really.  I am a thirty one year old mom with a four month old son named Vincent who is the love of my life.  I enjoy spooky things and mostly ghost stories.  Sometimes I get too worked up and end up royally creeping myself out too much and make my boyfriend laugh.  I am sure when he is old enough to understand the situation my son will laugh as well.  Which is fine, I still act like a kid sometimes with spooky stories and such.  I like freaking out my room mate who is very easy to spook sometimes.  I like playing spooky games and reading, writing (when I get a chance) and playing MMOs with my boyfriend.


I really enjoy traditional Japanese ghost stories.  Something about how they are just creeps me out to no end, sometimes actually giving me nightmares.  Usually the story is about a mother who is killed by the father, ends up becoming a vengeful spirit and so forth.  Usually it is a mom or a young girl.  Still, the stories fascinate and terrify me from time to time.  I think the story telling is much better as well.  Sometimes the ghosts make little to no sense which can be even worse.

This is a very good list of old Japanese legends and folk tales. -->here <-- I am not sure why, they always sit wrong with me in just the right way if that makes any sense.  Bad writing though ticks me off and it not only ruins the story, I hate it when people act as though it is some holy written word and cannot be disputed.  I am not a professional writer.  I am sure that most of this article alone is a billion typos and grammar errors.  I don't claim to be some genius.  But I am not submitting a piece of work either that I should be extremely proud of.  I'm just babbling into thin air that is the internet for no reason other than pure boredom.  I would think if you are going to put your name on something and share it with the "world" (well ok, it's just the internet but that is a whole lotta people!) Also, please do not try to stress that something is "super real!" or anything like that to me.  I don't believe in any of this; I just love good writing that leaves goosebumps on my skin when I am finished.  That's all.