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    Has that ever happened to you in a game?  You knwo it is supposed to be scary or creepy or whatever, but when it happens you are left kind of dumbfounded or far more creeped out then you either care to admit or really think about.  Something about the scene, characters, writing, etc.; really just sits in the back of your head as you keep going.  I love and hate moments like that.  I dwell on them a little too much honestly.  Over thinking something like this just isn't a good idea no matter what angle you are coming from.  

    On the other hand, something written extremely well can do this far more then even visuals allow somehow and the words or the thought of the last scene I read really just tugs at the back of my head and won't leave me al…

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  • CloverDreams

    I'm really sick of rape, pedo, shocky shock- submissions.

    I understand shock is a valuable tool, especially with these types of stories.  I think that using those types of obvious, lame and just disgusting types though is very lazy and shows how uncreative the writer actually is.  You want to scare the writer, not disgust them.  Your goal is creepy, not the plot to a SVU episode.  I keep seeing these stories talking more and more about rape, raping children and so on.  I don't think that kind of stuff really shows a creative or enjoyable story.  I don't find it entertaining in the least.  These are all personal views, I know.  I just think they don't have a place in CREEPYpasta really.  I'll admit, if it is written correctly, it can be good…

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  • CloverDreams

    Helping a Stranger.

    January 17, 2014 by CloverDreams


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  • CloverDreams

    I'm willing to bet I am one of the older fans of creepypasta.  And by that I'm not being a hispter I mean literally, I'm willing to bet I am older than most people who write and are more active around here.  I'm 31.  Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur but it's not really that old.  I just don't feel like I am 31.  I have a son who is almost 22 weeks now and at times I wonder if seeing mom being into these things will be all right for him.  I mean, right now no it doesn't matter.  He won't be able to really have good, solid memories for years or anything.  I don't watch things that are overly violent or with tons of screaming and dad will pop some headphones on if he watches something that is really violent and such.  I can't help but wonder …

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  • CloverDreams


    December 29, 2013 by CloverDreams

    I'm seeing all the JonTron avatars here and I have to say... I really like it.  He's been MIA for awhile and all but he's prolly one of the funniest YouTubers I've ever seen.  I have no idea why; but I think he's extremely hot as well.  Prolly cause he makes me laugh so much...

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