See that? It's a tilde, and it's to the left of yor '1' key. Holding shift and hitting the button to the left of the '1' key will make that! Make it four times after a talk page post, and your signature will appear.

ClericofMadness 08:44, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

Like that. Remember that this is a wiki, and signing things you post on talk pages is much appreciated, as it cuts down on the guesswork when people view talk pages.

Using only three tildes will just result in only your username (do not know if that still works for those of you with signatures.)


Like that. Signing comments is important, as it lets us the readers see who has said what, so we don't reply to the wrong thing or mistake something someone has written as what someone else has said.

Current signature status: Much preferred. Please remember to always sign talk pages. There is no button that lets the admins easily add the unsigned tag. We have to look up who wrote the comment and manually input it.