Eh.  Let me dust off the cobwebs and post something.  Forums aren't the place for grandstanding, et wot.  All dates set are guesstimates and subject to inevitable change.

Coming 2013: We Go Bump (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. I)

Coming 2014: Deli Special (I Go Bump Vol. II), Cleric's Horror Show (Season I)

Coming 2015: Cometfall (Cleric's Horror Show Season II), Family Dinner (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. II)(Working Title)

Coming 2016: The Children Are Well-Behaved (I Go Bump Vol. III), Broken Ring

Coming 2017: Beige Wedding, Snowy Revival, TBA (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. III)

Coming 2018: Screaming Darkness, TBA (I Go Bump Vol. IV)

Coming 2019: TBA (Cleric's Horror Show Vol. III)