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These still exist?

Eh.  Let me dust off the cobwebs and post something.  Forums aren't the place for grandstanding, et wot.  All dates set are guesstimates and subject to inevitable change.

Coming 2013: We Go Bump (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. I)

Coming 2014: Deli Special (I Go Bump Vol. II), Cleric's Horror Show (Season I)

Coming 2015: Cometfall (Cleric's Horror Show Season II), Family Dinner (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. II)(Working Title)

Coming 2016: The Children Are Well-Behaved (I Go Bump Vol. III), Broken Ring

Coming 2017: Beige Wedding, Snowy Revival, TBA (Creepypasta Wiki Anthology Vol. III)

Coming 2018: Screaming Darkness, TBA (I Go Bump Vol. IV)

Coming 2019: TBA (Cleric's Horror Show Vol. III)