Since I am being pestered to add all rules and regulations, I present this solution. The Democratic Way (TDW) blogs! Vote for or against a new rule! Have your voice heard! (But only one voice, no matter how many are in your head...)

Rule Proposal #2: Nope.exe.avi.jpeg.png.etc

A few people have been complaining that people posting messages like "nope.exe" or "hi.exe" are becoming numerous and unfunny in nature. They're also pestering me to make it a rule to stop posting messages in chat that end with a file extension.

So, without much further ado, vote whether or not this should be a Chat Rule.

Should posting single words in chat with a file extension (like "nope.avi") be a kickable offense in chat?

The poll was created at 00:58 on January 8, 2012, and so far 30 people voted.

And yes, for the record, I am a sarcastic bassah.