1) Um...Don't vandalize, don't have any warnings/notifications on record. I've started to post warnings on pages so there is proof for ALL TIME.

2) POST GOOD CONTENT. Don't be the guy that posts literally over nine thousand of the crappy DURR AND THEN A SKELTUN POOPED OUT stories. Horrible Troll Pasta is a good category for ESTABLISHED crappy stories. It is not for people to crap out something that a two year old could beat in a writing contest for shits'n'giggles.

3) Don't pointsgame, which means don't create an article, publish it, then add one category, save, add another, runs your edit count up and spams the Recent Edits page with useless edits. If you want to be e-famous, why not become well-known by making valuable edits and creating good OC?

4) Actually want to use the admin powers for good. This really shouldn't need much more 'splaining than that.

5) Have some way to contact me off-site. We used to have a shoutbox that was horribly underused for the admins, and I wanted to have a SINGLE way to get a group discussion for the admins, but no one wanted to get AIM or MSN all at the same time. Personally I like MSN better, but AIM might be better so I don't have to juggle screen names and computers.

6) Be active. This should also go without saying. Speaking of being active, I have got to go yank admin rights for some people that haven't been on in like almost 6 months+

Uncle Cleric wants goooood applicants~ You can email me or leave a message on my talk page.