• No unfinished pastas. If you post one, and we catch it, you will have about a week or so to finish it before it gets removed. We're not pastebin
  • Don't create wikidrama
  • Pointsgaming (that is posting solely for the achievements) is discouraged, however if it it a valuable contribution go ahead, earn some points.
  • Don't troll the users, if you're going to troll make it into a pasta and add it to the Horrible Troll Pasta category.
  • GIF images are allowed in the Creepy Images gallery, but screamers ARE NOT. Posting a screamer there is a WEEK BAN. No exceptions. You get one week per screamer.
  • OC is valuable, please contribute as much as you may have.
  • When uploading a story, please edit all sections and add all your categories at once.
  • Please do not combo edit. This means editing a page three or more times in a row. If you are editing an article or pasta with multiple sections, please edit the article as a WHOLE and not each section by itself.
  • Please give credit to your stories if you did not write them and you know who did. Or, on the other hand, if you did write them, tag them as "OC" and add both your username and pasta on the User Submissions page. If you don't do that, no one else will. If you do NOT add your pasta to the Submissions page, you may find your OC tag REMOVED
  • If you are not the original author of a pasta tagged as "OC", it is requested that you not edit the page. However, feel free to make suggestions or point out errors to the person who did. This may be found at the User Submissions page listed about.
  • DO NOT VANDALIZE THE WIKI. We have gotten so much of this that I have instructed the Admins to hand out week bans without warning. There is no excuse as to why you would blank or vandalize a page.
  • The rules are subject to change and penalties are subject to change as well, in most instances based upon the infraction.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Penalties for rules violations:

  • First offense of wikidrama/trolling is a warning on your profile page.
  • Second offense: One week ban
  • Third offense: Permab&

Penalties for defacing a page

  • First offense: One week ban
  • Second offense: Permab&