I swear when they fix the bug with sharing pages I don't want to see people getting them all in one day. You really should be sharing one page a day. You wouldn't want to spam their facebooks/whatever, now would you.

Anyone I see just share-spamming will be banned for a week. Sharing a few dozen pages at once is nothing more than pointsgaming, and the share feature should be used to introduce people to good pastas here...not used as a stepping stone on the leaderboards.

I am saying this NOW because I sent a report to wikia about it. I went and tested it, and it's not working. Soooo, I hate that I have to say this, but I don't want this to get out of control as some other things had on here. The holidays hit me hard, and my other admins abandoned the site, so what's done is done.

There will be an official rules update when they are able to roll out this achievements track. If you want brownie points, you'll share a link a day, for optimal viewing pleasures.

TL;DR: When the Sharing badges come out, share-spamming will result in a week ban. Sharing pages should be used to show off good stories, not clog up people's news feeds, etc.