Chat now exists, so I guess that means I have to lay down some rules.

For now, I'll trust you all know how to behave yourselves in a damn chatroom. Same rules for editing apply there. No trolling, spamming, or other dickery. Don't make Uncle Cleric take this tool away, because he will turn this car around if he has to.

In other news, holy crap. We're getting 40-60 thousand hits a day. No clue how many are unique, but lordy, that seems like a lot to me.

For now, I will stop adding my OC to here, because seriously I am writing a lot and I feel like I am showing people up, and that's not something I want to do. Instead, I have put my blog on my userpage, with a vaguely current collection of my writing. I'll need to update eventually, but still. Just felt like my massive section was putting people off.

Important reminder(s):

  • Capitalize your titles properly!
  • Blogs are not pastas and as such do not need extra categories!
  • When creating an article/talk page and you do NOT want to include an image at that time or in the future select BLANK PAGE instead of the other option, the one with an image placeholder.
  • Keep the useless Troll Pastas to a bare minimum. We're all getting tired of shitty ones. Ones like Thug Aim are fine, as they're not just LOLOLOL SKELLINGTON JELLIES POOPED OUT TROLOLOL, and are entertaining to read. (Yes, shameless link to my own contribution. Shush.)
  • No, seriously. We really could do with out more pointless, random-typing pastas.

Also, the game.

And then a skeleton popped out.

Then I was told I was the demons. And then I was phone.

And then I opened the door, got on the floor, and everybody walked the dinosaur.