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" Hello, I am writing to let you know that your wiki has been chosen to receive our latest update to Wikia Chat early! We have been hard at work integrating user requests into the product and are just about ready to release these updates. Before we did, we wanted to test on 10 wikis to make sure everything goes smoothly. We chose your wiki since the community here is so active on chat. We hope to enable the updates tomorrow, unless you foresee an issue. The updates you will see are:

  • Redesigned chat entry point - we added a scroll feature to the chat module, so you will now be able to see everyone that is in the chat before you enter
  • Chat entry point can be added to any page - simply use the tag <chat/> and you can access the entry point on any page! <chat/>
  • Expanded options for chat mods - when hovering on a user's name in the list, you will have access to more links to moderate a user if need be
    • Kick a user - We've separated this option to provide a temporary "slap on the wrist". Kicked users can rejoin the room immediately.
    • Ban a user - We've replaced the infinite "bannedfromchat" userright with a new system that works just like blocking a user. You can leave a reason and set a time for the ban from within chat.
  • Chat bans logged - all chat bans now have a log and appear in recent changes
  • More small design tweaks.

A couple of things that will happen when we switch over to this new version:

  • Everyone with "bannedfromchat" user right will be switched over to a 6 month ban
  • We've made improvements to chat stability, so there should be less interruptions when folks get disconnected

Please let me know if your wiki is not interested in testing these updates a week early. They are planned to be live on all English wikis next Wednesday May 9th. I will let you know once the switch has been flipped here. If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. "