Hello, ghosts and ghouls, it's ClericofMadness with a delightful (and long-overdue) update!  I've gone and reworked the mobile main page, which also affects the iOS/Android app experience which should result in a better overall browsing experience for users of both the mobile site and the app.

I've retooled the images on all the categories to which I can attach images (being specifically the highlighted categories) and included a trial run of featured content which is spotlighting, well, the spotlighted pasta of the month. 

I'm taking questions, comments, and suggestions on the images, organization of the categories, the categories themselves, and the content present on the mobile main page. 

Please note that if there are any bugs you come across, I cannot actively do anything about those, but I implore that you use Special:Contact/the Contact Wikia Staff feature and let them know what's broken.

Please note that as of currently I haven't quite figured out how to change the images for categories on the app, and I suspect I may not be able to as I think they are tied to the top page in that category, which would lock the image to whatever pasta is trendingest currently.

Also let me know if I misspelled anything because A) it's 5 in the morning, and B) I have had to retype about three squintillion words just writing this please send me a coffee. (I also misspelled "misspelled" while writing this so...there's that I guess.)