Here's a sneak preview of features and whatnot I have planned~! Comment below to either encourage or discourage me :D D: Seriously, though. If no one tells me my ideas suck, I will just keep doing them. Seriously. No, really.

Idea #1

Close current Members' pasta and replace with a new story.

Idea #2

Since I write novels, and at least one series involves the paranormal, I thought about starting a monthly CYOA-style thing, where the entire community shapes the way the story evolves. I say monthly because lordy things that big are time-sinks with all the planning and whathaveye.

Idea #3

Christmas contest. Yes, it's already December 10th. No, it's not too late. Rules and all that jazz will be posted later in this month, to give you time to be pondering things for when Christmas rolls around. Probably will recieve instructions and such December 20th, or even Christmas Eve. It's simple, and sadly involves reality.