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I mentioned in Ben's dreamblog about a freaky dream I had as a child. Here are some other crazy things that happened in Preschool up to 2nd Grade:

  • There were two little African-American identical twins, both with a nub for one hand. Shit was freaky as a child.
  • I think I also 'accidentally' pushed someone off a slide...he claimed he fell, so I don't know. I think it messed him up. Should feel bad, man, but I can't remember if it was an accident or he just fell, my memory is to hazy about that.
  • I was stung as a child at Preschool, and had an intense fear of flying insects for years. Punching bumble bees cured that fear for me. They are cowards, so easy to get revenge.
  • I remember my mother talking about losing a child. She had miscarried at the time.
  • There was this weird kid who just randomly came up to a group of us at the sandbox and proudly exclaimed, "I can make my belly button bleed!" He was shoving a stick in there when he went too far and the adults had to get him out of there.
  • I overheard some teachers taking about being able to see the face of Jesus in the clouds in about 2nd Grade.

Of interesting note, I knew about Greek Mythology at the time (Pegasus and the whole way he was birthed), which was no later than 2nd Grade.

Is it any wonder I am a writer, let alone a horror writer? I think not.

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