A few of you may have noticed a change to the navigation bar at the top of the page. If you have not, shame on you. I changed the way it worked for easier access and for the inclusion of the rules, as I am limited to only four sections. The first part is for the rules, and the second one is now for the Article Listing, Genre Listing, and a link to the Site Navigation page. The header links also go to that page, but I added them again in the dropdown menu because I understand no everyone would get that subtle aspect.

One of the things that I am actively working on is the Site Rules "hub" and its subpages. The way it is formatted is there is a main page and a list of subpages so that the main page isn't a huge fustercluck like the Article Listing currently is. It's taking time to amalgamate all the various rules posts and blog entries into something relatively coherent.

Speaking of the worst page on this site, I am also drafting up a similar hub/subpages method for the Article Listing. As it is right now, the Article Listing is the absolute worst page on the site. It's laggy, long, and hard to edit for those reasons. I want to style the AL with a main hub page that explains how to use it and subsections where each letter has its own page, drastically reducing the loading time and strain on your computers. This will solve the problem of the suckage while still retaining most of its functionality, hampered only by incompetence.

(HAHA. COMPLETED. Only took me the better part of an hour to edit the pages, but a few hours of planning to make sure that I was able to create all the links and put the links in with minimal time. Booyeah.)

I am also working on a method for nominating the Pasta/Image of the Month. The current system is about as broken as it can get, and barely used to boot. The new page would involve a period of nominations, and then I would take all the suggestions and have a voting poll up for a while for the month so that people can actually vote instead of 5 people nominating 5 different pastas and it just being me doing it alone. Besides, I haven't had image suggestions since September; I've just been winging it.

If you have questions/comments or would like to suggest an area of the site that needs a drastic revamp like the above, make yourself heard in the comments section below. Just be sure to give me time to weep quietly if you suggest work for me. I need to sleep eventually. Or so the doctor says.