Things that should be put down in writing, so that when you are warned/banned you cannot complain about it:

  • Capitalize The Words In Your Titles! - Seriously, it's not that hard to do. Read some book titles, Google it if you really have to, but learn how to properly capitalize titles. Some words are iffy and aren't always capitalized, but usually you can get away with capitalizing them reguardless. NOUNS and VERBS really need to be capitalized in titles, along with the FIRST and LAST words (always, no matter what) in titles. Furthermore, DO NOT ADD A PERIOD TO THE END. It isn't a statement, it's a title. Question marks and Exclamation points are fine to use, however.
  • ADD YOUR NEW PAGES TO THE ARTICLE LISTING PAGE! It's really not that hard to do when you're adding, but if you're throwing up thirty pages or even 5, it's all too easy to forget what you have/haven't added, and with editing in between, it's common for pages to wind up not being added to the Listing page. It's a pain in our collective asses to have to backcheck all the articles to make sure people are not forgetting to add things...something I need to do more often. I just dread doing it.
  • When you create a brand-new article, ADD CATEGORIES TO IT BEFORE RATHER THAN LATER. There is NO REASON why you should need to make a page and then up your edit count when you add categories. It's fine to forget, hell I do it too. However, what is not okay is to, say, upload five pastas, then go back and then add categories. It's even worse to have intermitten edits before categories are added, and even moreso if you add each category in a seperate edit. I am authorizing something like that (single edit/publish in between each category) as pointsgaming. Warning, then ban, depending on how much of it you are caught doing.

Side note from XanCrews

I will add, however, that if you're mass uploading pastas you must continue your uploading without going back every time to change the article listing. That also brings up the edit counts and will be regarded as pointsgaming, resulting in either warning or ban. The whole process should go as follows

  1. create page
  2. add categories/image/video
  3. submit
  4. create page
  5. add categories/image/video
  6. submit
  7. etc...
  8. update article page with ALL pages you submitted at once