People. Remember. Post your pages you make to the Article Listing. Next week, we will start MARKing pastas not on the listing. It's not that hard, we promise.

Also: ARTICLE TITLES ARE NOT FUCKING SENTENCES. Do not make a page like this: My life story.

First, capitalize it properly. Don't know how? FINE. I will do it as sarcastically as I can!

There. No more of that. I will MARK for deletion any improperly capitalized titles after the first one I fix and notify you about.

Same dealio goes with people not putting things on the article listing. I will do it the first time, but short of that you have NO REASON honestly why you would not then go and add your page to the listing. If you can't muster the effort or simply can't be bothered to list your page in the article listing, we can't be bothered to let you post it. That's not a valid excuse. It takes mere seconds, and as fast as the Recent Activity moves these days, it can be weeks before someone finds your unlisted article.

Categories are different. If you're new, you'll want to post, then see which we have. Remember, DO NOT MAKE UP NEW CATEGORIES. I cannot continue to hammer that into peoples' skulls. Categorizing takes careful consideration. Inserting a link on a page does not.


Post a new pasta and don't list it more than once? Deleted.

Post a pasta with an improperly capitalized/punctuated title more than once? Deleted.