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August 8, 2010
  • ClericofMadness

    This is a test.

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  • ClericofMadness

    After much consideration, I feel it's time to reveal my most shameful secret: I wrote Jeff the Killer.  Why else did I fight so hard and so adamantly to keep it on here?  I'm so ashamed, but I feel like that, after 5 years, you guys can accept me for...well, for what I did...

    Can't you?  I was a different person and it was a different time!  D::::::::::

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  • ClericofMadness

    While entertaining as these blogs may be, the resultant edit storms that they produce serves only to clog and cluster the recent activity feed.

    My suggestion to you, the writers, would be either to get a centralized blogspot or wordpress or whatever you young'ns use in order to achieve these goals:

    1. Centralize your viewership so that there is no competition from this site and the influx of stories.
    2. Create and maintain an easily accessible feed and list of riffs instead of having them exist disjointedly around this site.
    3. Create your own community that is centered around riffs and riffing and the enjoyment thereof.
    4. Grow your own audience and fanbase and draw them to a site where they have the ease of access they cannot achieve here.

    For anything el…

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  • ClericofMadness

    Trying to wrangle out working two jobs isn't working out for me.  I'm sorry I haven't had much time to be here all, but life is a vortex into which all my time seems to go, especially what with football season starting and working in a sports bar.

    I'm not dead, just almost.

    Uncle Cleric still wubs you.

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  • ClericofMadness

    Being the brilliant tactician I am, I remembered I have Winamp! Yay for accuracy!

    4732 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:50

    Playlist length: 303 hours 12 minutes 45 seconds

    1. 01 MWC 1a (1:11)
    2. 01 MWC 1b (1:23)
    3. 01 MWC 1c (1:31)
    4. 1.19 - channelwood age ~ the temple of achenar (1:34)
    5. 1.26 - bonus track ~ original un-finale (1:28)
    6. 01. Untitled (recorded at 05:58) (1:55)
    7. 01-the-adventure-begins (0:14)
    8. 2Klang - Demonic Pt.1 (Romulus Mix) (6:37)
    9. 02-whispering-rock-psychic-summer-camp (6:07)
    10. 3-08 Japan - Ghosts (4:32)
    11. 03 - Fear Unfelt Before (1:12)
    12. 03 - The Doctor's Theme (1:14)
    13. 03-THECOURTYARD1 (0:42)
    14. 04-a-mind-of-bauhaus-principles (2:38)
    15. 04-catacombs (5:49)
    16. 4Chan Soundtrack - 6 (5:32)
    17. 4Chan Soundt…

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