Clandestine Arcanum

aka Logan Chason

  • I live in Fountain, Bay County, Florida
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is A husband, writer, grocery store worker
  • I am Male
  • Clandestine Arcanum

    I know I am somewhat new here, with no submissions, just a bunch of comments on stories surrounding me that I have edits on.. 

    If so, pick a genre, because I like to write, not to create stories.




    The Macabre

    Poem/Short Story based on:

    Any of the above

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  • Clandestine Arcanum

    I write, yes, but it takes forever because I write, and rewrite.. and rewrite, because I'm hard to please. I prefer realism over anything on the site. I hate cliche, more than anything. You'll find me on the NSFW category mostly because I do have quite dark thoughts, I planned on using this as a vent. And I see that popular doesn't mean better, while my point is, if it's not 'better,' then how does it become popular? 

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  • Clandestine Arcanum

    To start off with quite a large bang; I don't like Jeff the Killer. Nor BEN Drowned. Nor Eyeless Jack. The only likeable Creepypasta's to me are Laughing Jack and Pinkie Pie (Cupcakes). Let the controversy begin.

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