• Cixai

    Important note.

    October 14, 2014 by Cixai

    Well, I'll just say a few things about myself and to get other things cleared out. And yeah it is important. (Is it?) Anyway, yes, hello, you can call me Cixai or just the last two letters of that, or whatever else you wanna call me. The reason I'm making this blog is to get some things cleared out to help clear misunderstandings. (If any seemed to happen.) If you see me breaking any of the wiki rules, it is NOT on purpose. Trust me, if I happen to break any of the rules the reason would be that I didn't know I was breaking them. Not that I haven't read the rules, I have, many countless times over and over to avoid breaking any, but still no promises on that. For there I have memory loss every now and then and therefore I actually forget I read…

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