• Cireo

    Mine Craft - The long tunnel

    November 2, 2011 by Cireo

    Every one knows the game of mine craft, and for those who dont then heres a quick explaination of it. Its a colorful pixelated game were you (in survivle mode) you colllect blocks to build a house to keep you safe from creatures wthat will come out at night and kill you if your not carefull. Well some friends and I didnt have money to buy the game so we got it though diffrent means just to messaround and try it out.

    Well we played for a few weeks seeing who can find the most of what and build the best of what, who can survive in the nether for the longest it was fun. That is till one day I dug deeper then i should have. It was my first day off of work in what felt like forever and after my friends and I played some League of Legends and Bor…

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