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    By Chris Brown and Johnny.

    “You’re probably happy that he died aren’t you?” CJ called from the front seat. “I don’t want to go to this funeral any more than you.” Linda cried. “You know what, shut up CJ!” demanded Linda from the back seat.

    “I would if you would stop talkin lip!”

    “Hey chill out you guys. We got a long way till we’re in Wisconsin and I’m not about to listen to you guys argue the whole way about something that happened two years ago!” John yelled. He was talking about how his brother died two years ago. The car got quite.

    “Turn up the tunes!” Linda popped breaking the silence.

    “Great more country rock,” CJ whined sarcastically.

    The anchor man came on to the radio. “Breaking news about the cannibalistic homicides, the head…

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