So given the string of whiny annoying blog posts lately I thought put forward a little place where some of the less brain damaged users could actually say “thank you” to the admins who work so hard to keep this place functioning.

So – thank you, admins. You put an enormous amount of work into keeping this place functional. I imagine the majority of your time is spent being harassed by the sort of morons who have to be supervised around electrical outlets, or need to wear inflatable arm bands near bowls of soup. And while I don’t think you do this job for mindless thanks, I still think it’s worth saying that a lot of us sincerely appreciate the hard work you go through. It can’t be easy reviewing as many stories as you do, correcting people’s mistakes, reversing vandalism, deleting (and reading) Jeff-the-killer ripoffs, explaining (for the 8000th time) why spinoffs are no longer allowed, and manning the super-duper enjoyable (and not at all repetitive) deletion appeals, but I think that in doing so you’ve created somewhere wholly unique on the internet.

I’ve dabbled with writing forums in the past and never really clicked with them – and this is the first internet community that I’ve enjoyed contributing to in a meaningful way. I find that this place is composed of a lot of intelligent people who will work hard to help each other for no real reason other than a sense of community. It’s also a fun place to write, and a great place to find interesting stories. None of this would be possible if the flood gates were opened. If you guys didn’t enforce these rules the activity feed would look like the inside of a schizophrenic’s cell (post-lobotomy), and clicking random pasta would be as psychologically damaging as typing in “ISIS child-care openings” into google and then pressing “I’m feeling lucky”.

You guys enforce sensible rules, and in doing so keep the community sensible. I think considering the spate of knob-goblins who’ve thrown tantrums the last few weeks it’d be nice to put something out there that said the opposite, and gave me, and others, a place to offer a sincere thanks to the like of Empy (who I suspect is secretly a terminator), Jay ten (who I suspect is secretly Michael Beihn from The Terminator), BanningK, Underscorre, Sloshedtrain, LOLSkeletons, SoPretentious, and ClericofMadness.

Thanks for putting up with our shit guys.

P.S if anyone else wants to comment with a thank you message that would make me look a lot less sycophantic and would be really appreciated. Like this whole post will only really work if you guys also post a thank you message... just sayin'.