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April 21, 2016
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  • ChristianWallis

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    Numerical ratings. I know that 99% of the morons who pop up and declare 0/10, or 99/10, won’t bother reading this but I still feel the need to get this off my chest.

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You can’t rate a story with a number. It’s stupid. I appreciate why some users might do this for contests (it makes it easier to rank the stories), or why they might include a rating with a longer review. It’s not something I agree with, and it’s not something that I think is valuable for either the critic or writer, but if the numerical rating accompanies a proper review then it’s just a benign addition. Like a solar powered vibrator it’s not very useful, but it’s also harmless. What matters is that you…

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  • ChristianWallis

    Whew there’s been a lot of submissions. I’m proud to say I’ve damn near scanned them all since November 4th (and was furious to realise I’d missed the chance to post a happy Doomsday post on the 10th but maybe I’ll remember next year) and have put together a longer than usual list to cover most of November. Unfortunately chunks of December and the last bit of November are going to have to be added sometime next week because I’m only human and there’s just been loads of new stories since my last blog post.

    So let’s start with posts from notable users because I’m a sycophant (these are from all over the damn place).

    Jenna from . Short, effective and emotional. Maybe this counts as a feelspasta? I don’t know; I don’t like to think of the word ‘fe…

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  • ChristianWallis

    Hey guys, JohnathanNash and I have decided to come together and create a competition for the end of the year! This competition will focus on the Christmas/Winter season we’re in and will require you to write a story inspired by one of our Christmas and Winter themed prompts! This is a relatively familiar idea for competitions now so I won't labour on about it, instead we'll just get on with it.

    Rules: State your interest and either Johnathan or I will provide you with a prompt. You must then write a story inspired by that prompt. Once finished post your story to the wikia (it must meet quality standards so consider using the workshop) and post a comment here with a link to your story! Simple.

    Word Limit: 5000 words

    Deadline: 24th December


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  • ChristianWallis

    If you’re unfamiliar with the style of review I’ll be using here you can look here to see it introduced. For now I’ll just be digging right in and reviewing MikeMacDee's Jozsa's Grove.

    Let’s start with the plot.

    Summary: Framing device established (i.e. I’m not insane I sweeeear!). Schall’s stillbirth + deaths. Dream. Sam’s breakdown + possession. Narrator’s midnight scare. Narrator returns. Art and narrator confront Sam. Follow her to Grove. Reveal of the tree & workers’ fates. Art gets eaten. Narrator flees. Narrator returns. Burns down house, kills Sam, unearths tree. End framing device + final reveal of baby monster.

    Analysis: So, at the heart of this story is a miscarriage. A couple move into an abandoned home to revitalise it. The prior …

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  • ChristianWallis

    I’ve gone for a catchier title. I’ve always sucked at writing titles, and I’d like to give this blog another go. Consider this a soft reboot which was nearly titled "I Read These Pastas: You Won't BELIEVE What Happened Next".

    Rules? I’ll only highlight pastas I have read and which were released since my last blog. Please discuss stories you think people should read, which can be from any time period on the site i.e. old or new. Simple. I’ll list stories released in the last 6 weeks-ish, you list stories in the comments that you like from any time. I can’t read everything so some stories may have been released recently which are good and which I don’t mention; doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re worthy of your TLC. Please mention them if you w…

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