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April 21, 2016
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    Earlier today I almost wrote the words ‘you need to keep a consistent tense’ but stopped myself. I sat back and thought about what that really meant. My understanding of grammar let me know there are quite a few tenses and I knew that some sentences can be written with more than one historical point of reference. For example,

    “I fell down the stairs and saw him running away.” – I instantly recognised that there are three verbs, two in the past but one whose tense is not as clear cut. I had a faint memory of past participles and past continuous verbs etc. but it dawned on me that out of all the many tenses that exist in English not only was I not consciously aware of the rules that govern them but I could not comfortably say what tenses were …

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  • ChristianWallis

    Disclaimer: the story this blog analyses is NSFW consequently this blog discusses and deals with numerous NSFW themes and ideas so be warned.

    So I wanted to discuss critical reading and cohesive writing while looking in-depth at one specific story. I’ve chosen to do this because I think it’s easier to get my message across through a functional example than it is to try and laboriously detail the process in whole. For this post I’ll be looking at Jay’s story Ned the Nihilist  (NSFW).

    So first major lesson with critical reading is to uh… think. Thinking is, of course, the most important step in critical reading. You have to go beyond just passively receiving information, you have to actively engage it and think about it. I’m going to detail my…

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  • ChristianWallis

    Curation Blog No 3

    September 27, 2016 by ChristianWallis

    Curation Blog No 3

    So another curation blog! The purpose of these is to bring attention to stories that I have read and enjoyed but which haven’t gotten a lot of attention. I want to avoid returning to users who’ve had work featured in the past, but I would like to take this time bring attention to Toadvine’ s stories Pink Raisin , and Those Damned Parsnips . They’re short and pretty damned good.

    The Bell Chimed – this has a predictable plot but it’s still a good read. In particular it has good pacing, strong and atmospheric descriptions, and it follows through on its story’s premise in a satisfying way. There’s no unnecessary clutter in this simple and enjoyable tale of a hitman who has a bad night.

    No Excuses – what a strange image this sto…

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  • ChristianWallis

    Curation Blog No 2

    September 2, 2016 by ChristianWallis

    So here’s another curation of recent stories that I think deserve attention! Once again I’ve placed an emphasis on novelty, and I’d like to reiterate I can’t read everything so I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of good ones. Feel free to make known pastas that you think deserve some attention, whether old or new. Now let’s get on with it.

    Bad Drainage by Toadvine – I like to see a sci fi story now and again and I enjoyed this writer’s take on it. It’s weird and strange but filled with some great and novel imagery. The idea is similarly original and worth your time. What I liked most about this story was its oppressive atmosphere and its well realised setting. This story is worth your time because it’s got an original premise and pulls the sci fi …

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  • ChristianWallis

    I’m interested in an idea that I’ve seen pop up a lot recently with regards to fear. Specifically, do you find the written word scary? Do you find films scary? Or rather do you find them, relatively speaking, scarier than written stories?

    (Also let’s avoid “I never get scared” comments because my list of 'badass internet strangers' is simply too long and I can't afford to buy a bigger house to keep it in. So if you are a superhero who has never once experienced fear because of some unique personality quirk then just keep it yourself. Mm'kay?)

    But do you agree with the statement that the written word can never be scary? I feel as though this perspective comes from the—bullshit— idea that only jump scares are frightening. Yeah sure the red fac…

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