Well, I've noticed that people have conflicting views (In everything, but that's not the point) about what is considered 'Scary' or 'Good Creepypasta'.

For example, I think there is a difference between 'Scary' and 'Well written'. My favorite Pasta on this entire site is Psychosis, because it is well written, creepy, and the ending is...Shocking. All of these factors make a good pasta, I'm pretty sure.

In no offense to the original creator, I never liked Red Mist (More commonly known as Squidward's Suicide) basically because it wasn't really scary. It was well written and memorable, but it just didn't scare me (primarly because the main topic was Spongebob.)

However, looking at the comments reveal that most consider it to be the 'Scariest Creepypasta'. I guess people just think of 'Scary' as different things.

What do you consider scary? A sense of dread, like Mr. Widemouth? Shock endings and plot twists like aforementioned Psychosis? Or something else?

Please put links to some of what you consider to be scary. Thanks to the creators of all pasta's put here.