Recently I ran out of idea's for a good pasta.

I was thinking all yesterday (In between running to the bathroom to remove the stomach flu from my body.) and I realized that we are seriously running out of good, unused idea's.

I can understand that using something more than once is good, but almost all of the ideas that are reusable are already juiced to a pulp. 

I had an idea a few days ago about a forum troll that was more than he seemed, but then I looked at the POTM and I immediatly realized posting it would make me look very, very uninspired. So I scratched that.

I then had an idea about insects that were given genetic mutations, but the 'test goes wrong everyone dies' idea is probably the most overused of all (Besides those bloody lost episodes.)

I need inspiration, but it's getting hard to find. Any thoughts? I can work with just about anything.