Have any of you guys been on the deep web? It's pretty f**king scary... I was considering writing a pasta on it, but I don't think a non-fiction pasta can work well...

Upon searching the deep web (not for aything illegal, but for hidden military records) (I was looking for experemints they may have secretly conducted) I found records of an experemint that was eerily similar to the Russian Sleep Experemint and one that was wayyy to similar to Gateway Of The Mind for sanity's sake.

I reccomend you older users of the wiki to check it out. Download ToR and do some digging, but be careful, Its easy to stumble upon something illegal, or mentally scarring (like illegal porn, snuff, that stuff).

And to those that have been there: What's the creepiest/scariest thing you've found on there?

I found detailed instuctions of how to kidnap, murder, and hide bodies... Pretty f*cked up.