So this is my first blog post, and sorry if I do this wrong.

I've been wanting to write another creepypasta (and maybe upload it this time) about something inspired by a real life experience I had: Heartbreak. I need to know if my ideas are good, and I need to make sure it hasn't already been done. (So far I have found nothing like it)

Here are some general ideas that might suck.

Heartbreak is really a supernatural thing (worst idea i have, sorry)

Demons or some s*** is the cause of pain (bad idea but I'm kicking them around)

Heartbreak can truley kill you (this one has some potential to me, so here me out: This girl kills this guy by making him fall in love then breaking his heart, or if i want to ruin it (which i will) its because she's a kind of demon that feeds off of someone's death, but is cursed to never physically harm, so must do this)\

Do all of those suck? Or just the first two? thanks