aka Chem Monty

  • I live in a land of make believe (Don't believe in me)
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is (independent) Programming, (independent) game design, (independent) software engineering. (I'm still in high school, but I know my sh*t)
  • I am a strong independent black woman who don't need no man... I mean a british/mexican male.
  • Chemicalassassin

    Something thats been on my mind for awhile now is what kind of music creepypasta readers listen to, if there is a common type or pattern. So, what are your guys'/gals' favorite Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs?

    I listen to a little of eveything, but mostly metal. Mainly thrash metal and death metal, like Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, Death, and Cannibal Corpse. Despite that, my favorite band is Sum 41, an Alt Rock/Punk band. My favorite album of all time is Notes from the Underground by Hollywood Undead, a rap group. And my favorite song is Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold, a Alt/Metal band. I also like many punk bands like Dead Kennedy's, The Vandals, The Misfits, Bad Religion, Descendants and NOFX.

    My taste is all over the place, lol. Wha…

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  • Chemicalassassin

    The Deep Web

    May 13, 2014 by Chemicalassassin

    Have any of you guys been on the deep web? It's pretty f**king scary... I was considering writing a pasta on it, but I don't think a non-fiction pasta can work well...

    Upon searching the deep web (not for aything illegal, but for hidden military records) (I was looking for experemints they may have secretly conducted) I found records of an experemint that was eerily similar to the Russian Sleep Experemint and one that was wayyy to similar to Gateway Of The Mind for sanity's sake.

    I reccomend you older users of the wiki to check it out. Download ToR and do some digging, but be careful, Its easy to stumble upon something illegal, or mentally scarring (like illegal porn, snuff, that stuff).

    And to those that have been there: What's the creepiest…

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  • Chemicalassassin

    Why is is that gaming creepypastsas almost always suck? They tend to be dreadful and often painful to read. Its rare that we find a gem like Lavender Town Syndrome, which isn't even that good. Does anyone know of any actual good ones? Or are they all bad?

    Upon thinking about this, I would like to turn it into a challenge. No prize, no winner, sorry, but I wan't to see if anyone here can write a good gaming pasta. It will be hard. It's not the writers that suck half the time, it seems to be the whole genre. Link your story here if you think you can do it, as in, make a good one.

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  • Chemicalassassin

    So this is my first blog post, and sorry if I do this wrong.

    I've been wanting to write another creepypasta (and maybe upload it this time) about something inspired by a real life experience I had: Heartbreak. I need to know if my ideas are good, and I need to make sure it hasn't already been done. (So far I have found nothing like it)

    Here are some general ideas that might suck.

    Heartbreak is really a supernatural thing (worst idea i have, sorry)

    Demons or some s*** is the cause of pain (bad idea but I'm kicking them around)

    Heartbreak can truley kill you (this one has some potential to me, so here me out: This girl kills this guy by making him fall in love then breaking his heart, or if i want to ruin it (which i will) its because she's a kin…

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