Chemical Cats

aka Eric

  • I live in GO TO POTATO
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is Wikia Contributer, Middle School Student, DeviantART User
  • I am Mrs. Davis' Health Class
  • Chemical Cats

    The reason I am asking this question is because I downloaded a mobile app simply titled "Creepypasta".

    Under the "Trending" section there is a story called "Ep-Nav", and when I enter that adress, there is no story.  

    Also, I got the app on google play.

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  • Chemical Cats

    The question I have here is on this wiki for two reasons:

    1: The song I recorded from a video that didn't mention it's name will be featured in an upcoming pasta written by me that WILL be posted to the Writer's Workshop first, being the tune is pasta-related. I am deeply sorry for failing to do so in the past. Please forgive me.

    2: I actually made a post on this on Yahoo! Answers, but almost an hour after I posted the answer, nobody gave any good answers, and I just got too impatient.

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  • Chemical Cats

    In my perspective, since we already have a new, revised Jeff The Killer story, I feel that the wiki needs a new, revised Sonic.exe, badly. If Jeff the Killer can get a reboot, Sonic.exe can get a reboot. This is only a suggestion. So if any admins favor my idea, a huge thanks goes to them!

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