Ok, I just attempted to publish a story "The Chosen Journals: Introduction", and it was immediately deleted. I worked very hard on that story. It was something I had been planning on writing for a long time. It was going to be the first part of a series in which the unnamed author tells about his/her experiences as a hunter of an eldritch abomination race of creatures known as "Ancients".

Was it scary? Probably not. But, the first part was just an introduction to explain what the protagonist does and the monstrosities he/she hunts. I had already made plans to get started on the second part, which would've centered around the protagonist fighting against an Ancient that uses its ribcage to walk.

I wanted to create a series that wasn't just straight-up horror, but also included comedy, action, and even some drama. I wanted to write something that wasn't the standard "realistic spooky-scary blood-n-gore" tales that flood the creepypasta fandom.

I wanted to write Something that was both gruesome (without getting too graphic) but also somewhat more lighthearted than other creepypasta fare. A series of stories that emulated the semi-goofy semi-creepy monster shows and movies I grew up on.

But, now I'm not so sure. I'm very disappointed the first part of my story was immediately deleted without allowing the potential for the rest of the series to show.