Crazy title, huh? I'm sure some of you saw that and wondered what sort of crazed nonsense am I babbling about.

Well, here's the thing. As many of you already know, I write humor blogs called "PastaSins" in which I point out various flaws in Creepypastas. It's an homage to the CinemaSins videos though I'm not associated or endorsed by them. Now, my primary goals for writing PastaSins is to both entertain anyone who reads it and to show that any story can have its flaws.

Ok, but what does that have to do with cows? Well, nothing to do with literal cows (Unless the Creepypasta in question involves cows in some way). For those unfamiliar with the term, the phrase "Sacred Cow" in regards to media refers to any franchise that is considered "untouchable" by the general public. In other words, it's a movie, book, song, or whatnot that is so widely praised that any form of criticism against it (no matter how small) is considered blasphemy of a sort.

And, it's due to this mentality that I'm hesitant to write my next PastaSins.

Why? Because I wanted to do one on Russian Sleep Experiment. One of the most widely praised horror stories on the Internet. Problem is, I fear it may've gotten to "Sacred Cow" levels of reverence and that writing a PastaSins on it might create quite a bit of backlash. I wasn't afraid of doing a PastaSins on Jeff The Killer because I know it's been just as widely panned as it has been praised. Last time I checked, RSE doesn't have the balance of praise and panning that JTK has.

So, I'd like to know, should I do a PastaSins on RSE? Or, do you feel it's too much of a risk to poke fun of at the moment?